professional musician & creative artist
I'm giving private guitar lessons live and online at my workroom in Niittykumpu, Espoo. I also do session playing, recording and mixing. I'm involved in many kinds of art and music projects.


As a freelance musician, I have a burning passion for composing neoclassical music, playing technically demanding heavy metal shred guitar solos, and singing high-pitched hard rock lead vocals.

I’ve played the cello for 10 years before picking up the electric guitar in 2002, and thus have adapted the form, convention and practice ethic of classical music deep into my very essence – before even entering the daily grind of woodshed sessions, the ones a serious lead guitar player has to go through.

I’ve always been striving to play as professionally and expressively as possible, motivated by the principle of being able to play any combination of notes necessary, to achieve any musical goal without restriction. One could say that I have a strategic, even a philosophical, way of perceiving art forms and practising them.

“I’m making art inspired by logic, universal laws and the beauty of Finnish nature”


My works strive to be sustainable, natural and elegant – with powerful, organic and original aesthetic taste, packed with the mystery and wonder of life itself, to be inspired and tuned to the important things.

From music education, session playing, arranging, composing and production to graphic design and illustration, I offer my services as freelancer for:

Arti Waine - Musical education
Arti Waine - Musical Education Arti Waine - Musical Education

musical education

I give guitar lessons from beginner level to advanced solo playing, theory lessons encompassing improvisation, arrangement, lyrics, songwriting and production.

I also give singing and ukulele lessons!

I want you to be able to play what you will, and have means to take you there, if you want to go, and are willing to go through the necessary effort.

I can also teach you how to sing while playing. My main area of expertise in teaching is helping the student to find their own voice and sovereign command at the high level of technical guitar playing, secondary expertise is in creativity: improvisation and songwriting.

Arti Waine - Writing and producing music
writing and producing music writing and producing music

writing and producing music

I will write tailored music for games and films etc., including a high quality recording using virtual instruments (for example, EWQL Hollywood Orchestra Diamond), and record guitars with real analogue tube amplifiers like Mesa Boogie, Marshall and 5150 or state-of-the-art digital guitar effects by Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II.

I can record both acoustic and electric instruments. My services include re-amping, editing, mixing and mastering. I can also do sound effects, dialogue and other audio engineering tasks.

If you have a song or other musical piece that needs arrangement or recording, I’m more than happy to help you.

Session playing, Live & studio
Session playing, Live & studio Session playing, Live & studio

session playing, live & studio

I’m also available as a session guitarist and vocalist for gigs and recordings. If I work at my own studio, which is probably the most efficient way, I can provide the guitar DI track for re-amping purposes. And this also means, that I can very easily re-amp after the initial comments, if the guitar sound needs some tweaking.

Arti Waine - Graphical assignments
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My work includes: merchandise illustrations, album artwork and logo design. I did all this for Vile Caliber, go check the shirts and buy the album from the links below! Other similar work is also welcome.

If you are interested in my services, please feel free to write your offer in the contact form below. I’m also open to collaborate for new ideas so you can suggest them too! Thanks!

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get to know the most of me elsewhere

The One Color Of None

Of all the colours in Underworld,
Earth knows he chose the one with none.
From the House of Mana, Waine,
The only true colour of Tuoni.

Arts, arcane and not, are attained,
Arti's got them all well trained.
To bring forth the soul of Finland,
Tell the tales of thousand lakelands.

To rejuvenate those that tried,
To inspire the bored and tired;
For those worn out and the weary,
Paint the peace of plains and woodlands.

Rows of tunes, bound to reproduce,
Those who found them ecstasy educe.
Shredding through the scape of six-string,
Soaring skies with rock hard screaming.

Symphonies to soothe unsettled,
The metal music molding mettle.
From the frosts of misty marshlands,
The fragrant fir forests of Finland.

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Laureline Tilkin

Laureline is a creative, marketing professional, content producer, photographer and music journalist based in Helsinki. She also took all the pictures for my website.

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Thomas Federico
Full-Stack Designer

Thomas Federico is a professional that specializes in Graphic/UI/UX Design & Front-End Development and is also based in Helsinki. He created the look-and-feel of this website.